The Village of Fayette Police Department has an opening for a Patrol Officer/ Community Resource Officer. The Department has opportunities for anyone who is seeking the full spectrum of being a law enforcement officer in a village. This is a new blended position which will include patrolling and attending community meetings. Applicants must be available for flexible scheduling and must be O.P.O.T.A. certified.

A Patrol Officer/Community Resource Officer shall be responsible for performing a variety of duties related to the protection of life and property, enforcement of criminal and traffic laws prevention of crime, preservation of the public peace and the apprehension of criminals:

• Respond to emergencies to provide assistance.
• Apprehend criminal suspects.
• Maintain public order or security.
• Prepare investigation or incident reports.
• Administer first aid.
• Investigate accidents to determine causes.
• Communicate situation details to appropriate personnel.
• Investigate illegal or suspicious activities.
• Maintain surveillance of individuals or establishments.
• Testify at legal or legislative proceedings.
• Maintain operational records.
• Record information about suspects or criminals.
• Monitor access or flow of people/traffic to prevent problems.
• Relay information about incidents or emergencies to personnel using phones or two-way radios.
• Determine operational procedures.
• Interview people to gather information about criminal activities.
• Record crime or accident scene evidence with video or still cameras.
• Patrol properties to maintain safety.
• Direct vehicle traffic.
• Issue warnings or citations.
• Inform the public about policies, services or procedures.
• Recommend improvements to increase safety or reduce risks.
• Assist motorists or pedestrians.
• Advise citizens or community groups on crime prevention issues.
• Assess individual or community needs for educational or social services.
• Visit individuals in their homes to provide support or information.
• Provide educational materials to community members.
• Refer citizens to community or social service programs.
• Advocate for individual or community needs.
• Teach life skills or strategies to citizens or their families.
• Collect information about community needs.
• Lead classes or community events.
• Develop working relationships with others to facilitate program activities.

Please submit a resume, application and copy of OPOTA Certificate by 5 p.m. Friday July 15, 2020. Applications can be picked up at the department or requested by phone, Monday – Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Village of Fayette Police Department is an equal opportunity employer and Veterans preference.

PDF Application for Employment