To: Qualified Consulting Firms
From: Village of Fayette, Fulton County, Ohio
Re: Consulting Services for Total Water Distribution System Upgrade and Replacement Project
Date: January 6, 2021

The Village of Fayette, (Village) is seeking a qualified firm to provide experienced professional engineering consulting services to assist in the assessment of all existing water distribution system infrastructure and to plan for potential future upgrades and expansion. Services will include but are not limited to, the design and construction of multiple phases of the project. The Village will negotiate the final scope and fee structure with the consultant deemed best qualified, in accordance with the evaluation factors, to perform the services outlined in this RFQ.


The proposed project consists of design and construction of multiple phases of water distribution system upgrades and replacement. It is anticipated that the Village will use a combination of funding sources to complete these projects, therefore the selected firm must document experience with state and federal funding programs for water projects.


Statements will be received by email only and must be sent to Genna Biddix, Village Administrator at gbiddix@villageoffayette.com, no later than January 29, 2021. Questions concerning this proposal shall be submitted in writing by e-mail to Genna Biddix. Firms are not permitted to communicate with any other Village employees, legislators or representatives during the selection process. The Village reserves the right to reject any proposal for violation of this provision.

Statements of Qualifications shall be a document of no more than ten (10) double sided pages or twenty (20) single sided pages between covers. Any Statement of Qualification with excess pages will not be considered. Per ORC 153.65-71 SOQ’s must include the following:

1. Firm Overview including contact information and services listing;
2. Key Personnel and Qualifications;
3. Representatives project experience-minimum of 3 projects, with references per area of expertise;
4. Background material, references and qualifications for each proposed sub-consultant.

The following will be used as evaluation criteria:

1. Technical Qualifications
2. Recommendations
3. Capability to meet schedules and budget requirements
4. Capability and capacity to perform

The Statement of Qualification should also include the following information:

• A brief discussion of your understanding of the project;
• A brief discussion of similar projects completed within the last five (5) years, including current references;
• A brief discussion of your firm’s experience utilizing state and federal funding programs;
• Right-of-way services such as property and easement acquisitions may also be an element of the project. Describe your firm’s ability to perform these services.
• The project schedule is to be strictly adhered to. Describe your firm’s ability meet deadlines and to adhere to a budget.

Firms with experience in rural areas will be given special consideration by the Engineering Selection Committee. Although the cost of consulting services will not be considered during the selection process; the Village has limited local funds, therefore firms must be willing to keep engineering costs to a minimum.

All Statement of Qualification requirements must be met or be capable of being met by the responding firm or the submittal will be disqualified as being non-responsive. An officer of the firm empowered to bind the firm in a contract shall sign the Statement of Qualification and any written responses to the Village. During the proposal evaluation period, the Village reserves the right to request additional written information to assist in the evaluation of the Statement of Qualification. The Village also reserves the right to reject, for any reason that seems sufficient, any or all Statements of Qualification in whole or in part and to waive irregularities in the Statements of Qualifications received. All firms submitting Statements of Qualifications will receive a written response from the Village as to which firms are selected for further consideration.