1. Brush Pick-Up

    Brush is defined as chopped-off tree branches and low, woody growth such as brushes and small trees.

  2. Consumer Confidence Report

    View the Consumer Confidence Report for the Fayette, OH drinking water.

  3. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

    Emergency Medical Services include but are not limited to transportation provided by Gorham Fire Department.

  4. Forms & Applications

    View important forms and applications for the Village of Fayette, OH.

  5. Leaf Pick-Up

    Leaves must be located on the curb for removal, but not on the street.

  6. Recycling Center

    The Recycling Center is open every 2nd Saturday of the month from 9:00 a.m. to noon at the barn on the corner of Water and Ohio street.

  7. Website Disclaimer

    The Village of Fayette website is intended for the communication, processing, and storage of village and community information.