Brush Pick-Up

Brush Changes - Effective July 2018

The Village of Fayette has eliminated the bunker for brush drop-off near the water tower off of North Eagle Street. Bunkers will still be available for leaf and grass debris at this location. The Village crew will be making weekly rounds of the entire village starting on Monday or the first business day of the week and continuing until complete. Please place all brush on the Village right-of-way for pick-up, so that it does not impede traffic, present a hazard to pedestrians, block storm drains, alter the flow of storm water, block sidewalks, ditches, etc. or in any other way or manner, endanger the general public.

NOTE: Brush is defined as chopped-off tree branches and low, woody growth such as brushes and small trees. No brush larger than 3 inches in diameter and all brush must be piled with all cuts ends pointed towards the street. All dirt and debris must be removed from the upper plant structure and roots. All thorny materials and branches must be bundled separately into bundles no larger than one foot in diameter and tied securely with string. Brush rejected for for pick-up must be removed from the right-of-way within three days. Brush generated as a result of hired tree service work is not eligible for chipping and will not be chipped as part of our route.


  • Brush cannot exceed 3-inches in diameter.
  • Brush cannot exceed 6 feet in length
  • All cut ends of brush must be piled toward street.
  • All thorny material must be bundled separately.

View the full copy of Brush Pickup rules (PDF).

Items Not Accepted

  • Construction material
  • Grass and weed cuttings
  • Hired tree service work
  • Ivy
  • Stumps